Index offers its clients a comprehensive set of land, marine and air surveying solutions.

The company utilizes its extensive global experience and strategic alliances in the application of superior, state-of-the-art technology in order to deliver the highest quality surveying outputs.

A combination of the latest technology and its experience and know-how, allows Index Property Group to offer its clients tailor-made solutions that are cost-effective, timeous, relevant and on brief.

If required, Index is able to place experienced individuals with sought after skills, to either manage survey projects or to be seconded to a project on a short or long term basis.

Index survey services include:

  • Hydro Geomatics and Oceanographic surveys
  • Cadastral surveying
  • Terrestrial Photogrammetry
  • High-density (HD) laser scanning
  • Mobile LIDAR scanning- ground and air
  • Land & Engineering surveys
  • GIS solutions
  • Turn-key projects
  • Personnel secondment

State-of-the-art technology

Index enhances its service delivery by utilising the latest survey hardware and software on the market. Its impressive equipment and accessory inventory enables it to cater for a broad range of land, marine and air applications including hydrographic surveys, land and engineering surveys, photogrammetry, high-density (HD) survey and mobile scanning.


Index’s highly skilled team of surveying experts and equipment operators has been meeting client expectations across a broad range of industries for over two decades.

Index's surveying services

Index’s comprehensive portfolio of land, sea and air surveying solutions include:

Hyrdo Geomatics and Oceanographic surveys

Index offers surveying of all areas of water and offers the following on-, above- or below surface investigations:

  • Bathymetry using single or multi-beam echo sounders
  • High-density (HD) scanning
  • Sub-bottom profiling (geotechnical/ geophysical/ geomorphological/ environmental)
  • Sub-bottom slit/ mud density, yield strength and viscosity
  • Side-scan sonar surveys
  • ROV surveys
  • Met-ocean & Oceanographic research
  • Weather stations
  • Harbour security survey solutions

Cadastral surveying

Index provides a comprehensive solution for township development from inception to site registration:

  • Township design and development
  • Rezoning and consent use applications
  • Subdivision applications
  • EIA submissions
  • General Plans submissions
  • Registrations and Transfers
  • Sectional Title
  • Title Deed and ownership investigations

Terrestrial Photogrammetry

Terrestrial photogrammetry offers an effective alternative to traditional methodologies when time and access is a challenge. This surveying method sees the camera capturing images from a stationary, elevated position and is an effective solution for modeling, mapping, or monitoring buildings, industrial plants, as-built constructions, or mining walls, to name a few.

High-density (HD) Laser Scanning

Index’s laser scanners enable 3D-point clouds to be measured up to an accuracy of 3mm, enabling a more detailed surveying solution if required.

Mobile LIDAR scanning- ground and air

The natural progression from multi-beam equipment to mobile LIDAR scanning has resulted in Index offering a comprehensive high-density survey (HDS) service that incorporates mobile LIDAR scanning, HDS laser scanners and multi-beam echo-sounders. These mobile systems are mounted on any platform (ground) or on a drone (air), allowing high-speed survey data capture to be performed at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional LIDAR services.

Land & Engineering surveys

Land and Engineering surveys are undertaken for transport infrastructure including roads, bridges, tunnels and runways as well as for cadastral surveys. These are efficiently and effectively managed using Total Stations and GPSD units.

GIS solutions

The GIS services include:

  • Consulting with Municipalities and Provincial Government
  • Asset management and auditing
  • Data capture of spatial information using from traditional surveying methods to remote sensing and satellite technology

Index’s survey and mapping/CAD software support a mapping service that also includes the delivery of models, either in 3D AVI format, or a scaled, real-life topographic model.

Turnkey projects

Out-of-the-ordinary projects are catered for on a project by project basis and see the utilization of Index’s state-of-the-art equipment range. This includes shallow-draft remote-controlled vessels (for shallow waters or environmentally sensitive zones), towed underwater cameras, mobile laser mapping for inaccessible areas, and an ‘airboat’ that allows the surveying of extremely shallow waters.