Development and Project Management

Index is a majority black-owned, specialist investment, asset management and property management company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The company has positioned itself to identify growth opportunities within the South African and Southern African real estate environment, where it pursues long-tern sustainable capital growth.

Index is a leading South African based consultancy that provides innovative infrastructure development solutions to its clients across Southern Africa.

This majority black-owned business utilizes its understanding of the continent’s unique infrastructure challenges to leverage in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships to seamlessly integrate the entire infrastructure development value chain.



Index seeks to deliver a personalised, hands-on, professional service, tailor made to suit the specific requirements of individual clients.

The approach creates an identity of interest, between the company and all the stakeholders involved in the project, i.e. client, professional team, tenants, financiers, local community and authorities.

Index offers its clients a comprehensive set of land, marine and air surveying solutions.

The company utilises its extensive global experience and strategic alliances in the application of superior, state-of-the-art technology in order to deliver the highest quality surveying outputs.


Cost Management

Cost Management & Value Engineering

Index offers meticulously planned financial structures, enhanced design alternatives, energy and environmentally efficient design, cost-effective and innovative construction techniques